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saw_wheel_new_7inchSaw Wheel – 7″ (electric)

Saw Wheel (RJ — fromerly from One Reason — and friends) has been described as honest and sad but hopeful, country-influenced, punk rock with raspy vocals. Previously, the band has released records, CDs, and demos on No Idea Records, Plan-It-X Records, among others. This is their first “electric” record. This is a joint release with Anti-Creative Records. This album comes with a free digital download code with purchase.

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The imadethismistake pre-orders are finally here! They’ll begin shipping later in the week and should arrive on doorsteps near the first week of August. We’re still a bit bummed  that the art-work had to change and we apparently never got our lyric inserts. So once we have those, you can expect orders to ship.


Sorry for the horrible photo quality, camera phones ‘eh?

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Hey everyone!

This upcoming Monday (June 9th) there will be a show @ Lo-Fi Social Club in Baltimore, MD to support the release of imadethismistake’s new album. Cost is $5 and the venue has a BYOB policy. There is street parking around the venue as well as the ability to use public transportation.

Doors open at 9, show starts at 9.30


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1.jpgimadethismistake – It’s Okay 12″

Pre-order the electric debut of KyleWilliam’s electro-pop punk jam band! With the help of The Cottage Records and Anti-Creative Records, comes this exciting new release from imadethismistake. IMTM started as an acoustic project by KyleWilliam, but has now involved into something that fans old and new alike can get behind. Due to an issue with the pressing plant, the original 2 cover-art, 10″ had to be converted to a full length LP. However, as a bonus, we’ve bumped it up a notch with colored wax!.

The 12″ comes on colored mystery vinyl, with a unique download code so you can put the album on your iPod or CD!

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heather-ccake-small.jpg For a Better America!

This sticker design was done by Heather R., the winner of our CCR sticker contest!

This sticker is only 50 cents postage paid. It is also free with a 2 item or $5+ purchase from the distro (depending on which comes first) simply request, along with your other items, with price FREE.

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nate-rainey-burgerdino-small.jpgDINO BURGER

Art by Nate Rainey.

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Wow. So the album “Skuffed Up My Huffy” by Japanther totally smokes! I got mine off eMusic, but I’m sure it’s either a) on the nets or b) you can buy it directly from the band ;)First off, let me say if you’ve tried “getting into Japanther” but just can’t, it’s most likely because you’ve never seen them live. And that is a shame. Their new album is out now and honestly it’s one of their best so far. Below is a totally sweet youtube vid from their set at Plan-It-X fest2 a few years back. I never liked them before seeing them live. I just couldn’t figure out what it was all about. But then after I saw them live at the fest, it all just kind of came together. Needless to say you should check ‘em out. Think Neutral Milk Hotel meets Information Society.

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the-saw-wheel-the-last-train.jpgSaw Wheel – The Next Train

This is Saw Wheel’s long awaited first full length effort. Saw Wheel brings you more of what you want and expect. Chock full of southern flavored porch tunes with sincere whiskey-soaked vocals layered over top. The end result is a unique blend of working class country punk with gritty brash lyrics.

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ghost-mice-saw-wheel.jpgGhost Mice / Saw Wheel – Split CD

Ghost Mice is a folk-punk band from Bloomington, Indiana. Some might even call Ghost Mice the a Plan-it-X superband. Others wouldn’t. Regardless of this fact, if you’ve liked any of their other bands (Operation: Cliff Clavin, The Devil is Electric), than you’ll feel right at home with this accoustic set. The Saw Wheel is an Alt-Country artist who has most of his discography available through Hillbilly Stew Records. If you like Tim Barry or Chuck Ragan, you’ll wonder how you could have missed out on The Saw Wheel for so long.

Recorded at Goldentone Studio in Gainesville, FL w/Rob McGregor

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till-death-7in.jpgTill Death – 7″

From Phatom Sound Records:
Short lived metalcore band that was to good to last. Fans of Iron Maiden take note! Members later went on to Set Your Goals, and Set it Straight.

actions-aside-just-another-scar.jpgActions Aside – Just Another Scar (Demo)

From Phatom Sound Records:
Six songs to get your ass kicked to. Anthems like “Please Destroy Yourself”, show no compassion for addiction, while instrumental “Keep Your Hopes Up” is like the calm before the storm. Hardcore with a hint of Melody. I liken it to Stretch Armstrong.

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sw-mcr7.jpgSaw Wheel / Milkcrate Rustlers Split 7″

This particular split is one of my favorite alt-country splits to date. If you haven’t heard of The Saw Wheel before, then slapping an RIYL: Chuck Ragan, Tim Barry, Hank Williams in front of you would just about sum things up. Milkcrate Rustlers are twangy bluegrass inspired duo which claim to be (and they quote) “old-time Appalachian and Ozark string band music in the DIY punk tradition”. Whatever, they melt my face off.

This is colored vinyl. The record came in a gradient of colors from the range of pink, rose, bright pink and bright purple. Because of this gradient, there is no color count.

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Hey Girl! – Spill your guts!

So, the first time I gave this LP a once through, I wasn’t super thrilled with it. I snaked it based on a review out of Razorcake or something. Sometimes you miss the fish and shoot the barrel, they can’t all be winners. But for some whimsical reason I sat down and decided to give this a once through again. *clears throat* A’WHOA! This is pretty good. I’m not here to write an essay on why you should pickup this album, but here’s the skinny. If you like the idea of what a couple of angry, yet energetic, young teen musicians have on their minds – and wonder what the ramones first show must have been like in an alternative world where they were truly female, pick it up.

Released by: Thrillhouse Records
Listen to it | Buy it (12″ Vinyl, $8)

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fkon-pack.jpgFuture Kings of Nowhere – Cool Kids CD Pack

All CD Packs come w/ a FKoN CD, Sticker and Pin!

Brimming with wit and energy, The Future Kings of Nowhere play acoustic pop-punk antifolk with an occasional bit of country twang. They call it acousticore. High speed acoustic guitars, double-time drumming, lush harmonies, and a slew of auxiliary instruments create a frantic backdrop for these songs of love, death, and modern-day alienation. They sing with a disarming honesty that draws you in and a beat that keeps you moving. The hooks sink deep and the energy is unforgettable. One listen to their debut CD, released in June on 307 Knox Records, and you will be humming these tunes for weeks.

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I’ve had a pretty long day at work and I’m about ready to pass out. But you know what? I’m staying up just long enough to give this 7″ a few spins. My good buddy Z. suggested that I pick up this latest release by Drag the River and I’m really glad I did. I’m not sure how hard this release is becoming to find, but the next time you’re at the record store and your nimble fingers happen to dance gleefully over this particular album, do yourself a favor and pick it up.


This is a really great Alt-Country album and if you happen to like any of the stuff coming out today by Chuck Ragan, Tim Barry, Sundowner, etc, you’ll really dig this spin.

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Yesterday, before the show at the Ottobar, CCRecords took a trek up to Towson, MD to check out the acoustic set by The Ergs! before their big show w/ the Queers, Ramrod (who I’ll be reviewing very soon!) and the Leftovers.

The set was pretty damn near spectacular and I think next time maybe they should play a few songs though amplified acoustics. Now that sir, would literally “blow” “my” “mind”.

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I’m going to start noting bands that I think are worth your time and effort to listen to. No bells and whistles here, just cold hard facts.

Up first? The Steinways. There’s not much more to say about this band than they got me through some really tough times these past few years. Silly little songs about the silly little things in life that everyone deals with. Their LP “Missed the Boat” basically felt like my life set to canine-rotting, cavity inducing pop’rocks’punk

RIYL: ChixDiggit!, Any of the NJ/NY Pop Punk coming out at the moment, aural sugar poured directly into your brain.

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ccu001.gifSwim Punx – Up the Trunx!

Over at Covert Coercion we are always trying to add new fresh and funky merch to our shelves. Our latest item is this little beauty.

This sticker is only 50 cents postage paid. It is also free with a 2 item or $5+ purchase from the distro (depending on which comes first) simply request, along with your other items, with price FREE.

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596817956_m.jpgPaul and the Strings: Demo CDr

Remember the Pinkerton Thugs? Remember The Unseen? Yeah well just because this is Paul Russo don’t expect anything like that! Paul’s new Indie/Accoustic band is hitting the streets and shaking the beats. Teasers and Pleasers at