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the-saw-wheel-the-last-train.jpgSaw Wheel – The Next Train

This is Saw Wheel’s long awaited first full length effort. Saw Wheel brings you more of what you want and expect. Chock full of southern flavored porch tunes with sincere whiskey-soaked vocals layered over top. The end result is a unique blend of working class country punk with gritty brash lyrics.

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ghost-mice-saw-wheel.jpgGhost Mice / Saw Wheel – Split CD

Ghost Mice is a folk-punk band from Bloomington, Indiana. Some might even call Ghost Mice the a Plan-it-X superband. Others wouldn’t. Regardless of this fact, if you’ve liked any of their other bands (Operation: Cliff Clavin, The Devil is Electric), than you’ll feel right at home with this accoustic set. The Saw Wheel is an Alt-Country artist who has most of his discography available through Hillbilly Stew Records. If you like Tim Barry or Chuck Ragan, you’ll wonder how you could have missed out on The Saw Wheel for so long.

Recorded at Goldentone Studio in Gainesville, FL w/Rob McGregor

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fkon-pack.jpgFuture Kings of Nowhere – Cool Kids CD Pack

All CD Packs come w/ a FKoN CD, Sticker and Pin!

Brimming with wit and energy, The Future Kings of Nowhere play acoustic pop-punk antifolk with an occasional bit of country twang. They call it acousticore. High speed acoustic guitars, double-time drumming, lush harmonies, and a slew of auxiliary instruments create a frantic backdrop for these songs of love, death, and modern-day alienation. They sing with a disarming honesty that draws you in and a beat that keeps you moving. The hooks sink deep and the energy is unforgettable. One listen to their debut CD, released in June on 307 Knox Records, and you will be humming these tunes for weeks.

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596817956_m.jpgPaul and the Strings: Demo CDr

Remember the Pinkerton Thugs? Remember The Unseen? Yeah well just because this is Paul Russo don’t expect anything like that! Paul’s new Indie/Accoustic band is hitting the streets and shaking the beats. Teasers and Pleasers at